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Management vision

What we are aiming at Hirono group

Improve "customer satisfaction ",
The pursuit of rational reform to reduce the cost and effectiveness of the quality management system, and the market opinion in mind, customer satisfaction,customer confidence.

Strengthening of "on-spot ability"
To enhance the technology development and manufacturing power to create an important business, change, courage, wisdom, and have the skills and work up to the bright, fun, lively," honesty ", which may be related to action for development, strengthening of all the" on-spot ability ".

"Take good care of the relation between the environment."
Aiming at the factory with a green harmony with nature, and always strive tomaintain the health of the global environment protection.

"Employees' individual growth
Technical skills, in order to improve their management level, to force the confidence to move forward, and the corresponding day in flexible thinking to adapt to change.


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