A new possibility for the powerful enterprises

Modern society is changing rapidly, accordingly, it requirs the modern enterprises also changes greatly. The sophisticate technology and strategy and the flexible on-spot ability are absolutely necessary. If only considering the performance and technology as the hard data, not mentioning the agglomeration of personal ability from each staff of young generation, it is uncompleted since the agglomeraion would create new possibilities for the next generation.

A new possibility for the powerful enterprises

The steady evaluation and the pride of professionally

After the World War II, and the establishment of Hirono Iron Works Co. Ltd., we have grown up steadily along with the development of Japan. The motive force of the development is sourcing from the technology and the research by each staff. During that period, Japan was facing the challenging from the mechanical processing technology, especially the complicated components and parts. Strict and accurate inspection wins the trust of customers including Kubota Co. Ltd..

Up to now, our task also includes the final assembly process of the products to the workpiece.
Modern Japan demands the further perfection,strict accuracy and high speed for workpiece, it will continue to create products trustworthy. Around 140 staff with their professional skill and pride are working together. They discuss and support each other in the office today, opening a new horizon of metal processing.


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