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Reliable quality

Technological innovation in all sectors, including inspection and andmanagement, never ended.

We are in full swing response to the customers' trust.
To achieve this mission seems simple, the difficulty is to ensure product delivery in time and high accuracy, the efforts to reduce the cost is essential.

The constant innovation from each staff of the company makes it possible.
NC state-of-the-art equipment and robots join the production line.
Quality control of submicron size was realized in the precise measurement devices.
In addition, the cost control by the connection of inventory and distribution management system by computer and automatic stereoscopic warehouse, visual field, and all the departments of the company.

Reliable quality, is not a short duration of time can do
The innovation by the staff, day and night, is the crystal of their efforts.

The HIRONO quality

The HIRONO quality

We aim at the stuff, time, cost and high quality. The high quality of product is not enough. Ensure the buyer we will not betray the expected delivery date. Always in pursuit of a better quality.


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