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Company policy

Quality policy The effectiveness of the quality management system to meet the demands ofcustomer satisfaction, continuous reform
Environmental Philosophy Hirono Iron Works and numerous sites, all activities, products and services in the value relation of environment and plant with green harmony with nature, and always try to maintain the health of the global environment protection and symbiosis.
Management policy

(1)Form the company safety & culture
(1)Form the company safety & culture
(2)As high as Hirono Iron Works is safe from pride
Safety promotion activities to pride, and to realize a higher safety

2. The quality improvement
(1) In the factory, 3S VM on-site visual management of production preparationand thorough.
(2) Reduce the number of customers incompatibility
(3)ISO 9001 for making promotion.
(4)Establishment of only one brand

3. The improvement of productivity
(1) Whether the work speed up.
(2) Whether the work in process and finished goods inventory in half
(3) Reduction of energy consumption

4. The security of delivery
(1) Customer delivery instructions on punctuality
(2) Review of the efficiency of cargo delivery

5. The employee education
(1) On-spot ability
(2) Cultivation of multi-skill personnel
(3) The level of employee system engineering technology
(4) According to the hierarchy of managers in manpower 

6. The cost reduction
(1) The promotion of the cost reduction activities in all sectors

7. The environmental improvement
(1)  ISO 14001 for promotion
(2) The company has the promotion of environmental objectives and targets


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