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Company History

December 1945 Form in the town, Sakai, Osaka, Hirono Iron Works Co. the private enterprise was founded.
April 1946 Kubota, starting from Sakai Manufactory Co., Ltd
November 1950 Hirono Iron Works Co., Ltd. Invested in 30 million Yen as the capital, was established in Sakai City
October 1959 The second factory was built, as the welding processing plant.
October 1962 The third factory was also located in Sakai City due to the increase of machining processing works.
September 1969 The fourth factory was located in senboku seaside industrial park as the new plants.
November Utsunomiya Plant as the assembly plant was founded.
December 1974 "TQC" innovated by Kubota Corporation Ltd, was carried out in Sakai factories to challenge the Deming Prize
March 1977 "Quality Control Excellence Prize" was awarded by Osaka Government
March 1980 Starting to deal with Okuma Co., Ltd.
May "Institute of Education Project Prize" was awarded by Osaka Prefecture Industrial Management
October 1984 Starting to deal with Asahi Seiki Co., Ltd
January 1985 More "Excellent Cooperation Prize" was awarded by Kubota.
January 1986 Starting to deal with Mitsubishi Corporation
April Starting to deal with Japan Air Brake Co., Ltd
May 1987 Assembly plant was built for the "walking lawn mower"
December Kubota, more walking type lawn mower, came into production.
1991 Starting to trade with Shanghai Dying and Beaching Machine Co. Ltd.(now changing into Shanghai Chengfa Industrial Co., Ltd.), as the processing trade.
January 1992 "Excellent Cooperation Prize" was award by the Kubota Co.,for the relationship between Kubota Sakai factory and Shanghai Hirono Material Co. Ltd..
January 1997 "50 Years Prize" was awarded by Kubota Co.
March 1997 Starting to deal with Daikin Industries.
May Capital invested into Shanghai Chengfa Industrial Co.
April 2000 Capital invested in Shanghai WaiGaoQiao Area as Shanghai Hirono Material Co. Ltd., with the space of 1338 sq.m
January 2001 Starting to deal with Daikin Sauer Danfoss Co., Ltd (DSM)
March 2004 Shanghai Hirono Metal Co., Ltd, moved to Songjiang District, Shanghai, with space of 12, 500 sq.m
March 2008 ISO9001 certification (LRQA) received
2010 The investment in Shanghai Chengfa Industrial Co. Ltd., finished.
May 2011 Starting to deal with Fuji Heavy Industries Co., Ltd
September 2012 ISO14001 certification acquisition (LRQA)
September 2013 Importing from Yamazaki Mazak laser machine to aim at the development of new field.
October 2013 "Economic Technology Cooperation Contribution" was awarded by Kerea-Japan Industrial Technology Foundation as the promotion of technical exchange.
January 2014 "25 Year Gold Prize" was awarded by Kubota Co., Ltd , as the best trading company.
February 2014 Shanghai Hirono Material Co. Ltd. - ChangXing Island Factory was built.


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