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Each Business Department

Management Division
General affairs department

・Environmental Management (health, safety and education work summaryand other services.

・Accounting & Financial Management

・ISO 14001 Office

Sales Department

・Customer service (including estimated orders).

・Material procurement, procurement, delivery time,
service quality.

・Overseas procurement, procurement, delivery time, 
service quality.

・Supplier management, shipment, packing, 
delivery services (including transportation business).

・Cooperation company management
  (quality, delivery date.)

・Warehouse management 
(including transportation, business)

・The IT computer business

The manufacturing sector (800 small production and corresponding items.
Manufacturing Division No.1

・Vertical, horizontal machining center (including the crank case 2)


・Drilling machine, finishing

・Rocker arm assembly and delivery operation

・DSD hydraulic parts machining line

Manufacturing Division No.2

・NC lathe machining

・NC composite processing

・Spline machining, rolling, hobs, hobbing maching)

・Key processing

・Internal grinding

Manufacturing Devision no. 3

・Welding process


・Planetary gear bracket production line.

・The assembly process (including the planetary gear bracket, delivery order on basis of customers' request.)

・Horizontal machining center (including the planetary gear rear axle housing, delivery order on basis of customers' request).

・Vertical and horizontal machining lathe NC and the delivery order on basis of customers' request.

Production engineering division

・Tool manufacturing

・Dedicated frame production

・Process design

・A trial process

Utsunomiya Plant

・Welding process

・Machining center

・The assembly process (on base of the delivery order)

Inspection Division

・Quality control

・Three dimensional measurement

・General measurement

・ISO office


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